Political Theater

Is it a big deal if the Dems lose the 2014 elections badly – very badly. Republicans have a super majority in the Senate and of course they will win the House. Is it really a bad thing for the future of the Democratic Party.
Whats going to happen with a Republican majority – the ACA will be repealed, KXL will be built, there will be more bills that promote war, there will be many anti social equality bills, everyone will get tax breaks, there will be no minimum wage (not hike, no minimum wage at all) and many other things the party stands for; probably even repealing Roe v Wade. If you are someone who values social equality, climate change, and other government policies, this is a terrible thing to happen. Is it really going to happen?

One thing politicians love is to be in politics. One thing that keeps them in politics is their ability to shrewdly maneuver the public regarding what they stand for. I, for one, naively maybe, believe that none of this will happen. Not because of some veto threat and the possibility of a legislative standstill for two years. But the fact that as a party they wouldn’t want to be wiped out of politics. They would never put their political future at stake by venturing into all of these issues. If they do, they know very well the Democrats will be in the WH for the next decade or so. The Republicans would want nothing like this to happen. They will ensure no stupid legislation is passed either.

2014 is wonderful political theater. I have my popcorn ready.


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