TBI – Mechanism and Implications

Wonderfully stated. This has to be on the forefront of every neuroscientist’s mind.


Head injury in the military

photo of soldier in combat gear 80% of Traumatic Brain Injury among the military occur during training

In an excellent article on research being done to address Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the military, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch presents efforts being made to identify the extent of the problem.

According to researchers there are four kinds of TBI — mild, moderate, severe and penetrating. Since 2000, nearly 300,000 active-duty military personnel have been diagnosed with TBI.

It wasn’t until 2008 that the Department of Defense began to enforce a police of mandatory post-deployment screenings for TBI; and then, in 2010, a mandate for across the board screenings of all personnel exposed to a blast within 50 meters was enforced. The

TBI graphic

numbers are truly alarming. Yet these numbers mark hope for these soldiers whose performance is impacted post-injury and whose lives as veterans are impacted negatively, both at work and at home.

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